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Salvation Army Dinner Team

Once a month, a group of Christ Church volunteers purchase, cook, and serve an evening meal for residents and others at the Salvation Army shelter. This program has been ongoing for many years, and other area churches also participate.

A group of parishioners does various tasks to make this monthly dinner happen. Shoppers make the trip to Costco prior to the meal and purchase the menu that is decided with the Salvation Army staff. On the evening of the dinner, the meal is cooked and served by a small group of our volunteers at the shelter for a group of about 50 hungry people, including some children. In addition to cooking and serving, volunteers also have the chance to sit and visit with those enjoying the meal. Volunteers have also recently assumed clean-up duties, washing pots and pans after the meal. Volunteers rotate so that each is scheduled to serve at the shelter only once or twice a year.

The Salvation Army shelter in Winchester continues to be a very busy place. They report that, in a recent quarter, there were 102 male residents, 74 female, and 60 children. 3,953 nights lodging were provided; there were 58 placements in employment; and  11,708 meals were served. The shelter was not built to accommodate families, but more and more are coming to their doors for help, and the Salvation Army continues to look into ways to improve the situation for these families in need.

While many parishioners support the Salvation Army directly, the meal program relies on donations received in the special Salvation Army envelopes which are collected at Christ Church. These envelopes are in the pews each Sunday. Please be generous in supporting this ministry and contact us if you can volunteer your time to cook and serve a meal.