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8:00 am - Holy Eucharist, Rite I
9:30 am - Christian Education (Sept to June 2nd)
10:30 am - Holy Eucharist, Rite II

To know Christ and to make Christ known, through our worship, formation, fellowship and service.

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Altar Guild

Altar Guild Schedule April 2017

The Main Sanctuary

Day Date Time Volunteer
Sunday Apr 2 8:00 am Rosalie Lewis
    10:30 am Gini Gilmer, Carolyn Morgoglione
Sunday Apr 9 8:00 am Doris Trant
    10:30 am Gini Gilmer, Martha Roberson
Thursday Apr 13 7:00 pm Joan Claybrook
Friday Apr 14 7:00 pm Jody Wall
Saturday Apr 15 7:00 pm Rosalie Lewis, Jody Wall
Sunday Apr 16 7:00 am Janice Tilling, Rosalie Lewis
    9:00 am Doris Trant
    11:15 am Leslie Harper, Lucia Thomas
Sunday Apr 23 8:00 am Doris Trant
    10:30 am Carolyn Morgoglione (Joan for cleanup)
Sunday Apr 30 8:00 am Martha Roberson
    10:30 am Jody Wall, Adelaide Turnbull


The Pilgrim's Chapel

Wednesday Apr 5 Noon Adelaide Turnbull
Monday Apr 10 Noon Martha Roberson
Tuesday Apr 11 Noon Joan Claybrook
Wednesday Apr 12 Noon Joan Claybrook
Wednesday Apr 19 Noon Adelaide Turnbull
Wednesday Apr 26 Noon Martha Roberson

Please email Lucia Thomas
with any questions.